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Stricter sentences can necessitate a strong criminal defense

After Illinois residents are charged with a crime they are given an opportunity to try their case in a criminal court. If they are successful in presenting their criminal defense strategy and persuading the court that they are not guilty of the crimes alleged against them, then they may be released from their charges. If, however, they are not able to provide a criminal defense or explanation for their charges, they may be found guilty of the allegations and sentenced to a punishment for their alleged criminal acts.

Would a plea deal make sense in my criminal defense strategy?

In an ideal world, every Illinois resident who faces DUI or drug charges would be able to prove their innocence and avoid the harsh penalties that can accompany convictions on such charges. However, in some circumstances the facts and evidence that prosecutors are able to collect on a case may make defeating criminal charges next to impossible. For some criminal defendants, considering a plea deal can be a reasonable part of a criminal defense strategy.

Woman arrested following 2 area bank robberies

After two bank robberies over the span of about eight weeks, federal officials and police have detained a young woman from another part of Illinois. The woman is now facing federal charges In the Southern District of Illinois, a federal judicial district which includes Belleville.

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