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Helping accused individuals initiate a strong criminal defense

Being accused of a drug crime could mean that your freedom, personal and professional reputations, and financial future are at risk. Criminal allegations mean that the accused is facing serious penalties. A serious situation, such as criminal charges, should be treated as such. This means that defendants in Illinois should take an aggressive approach in order to protect their rights and future.

Former Busch CEO under investigation for drug violations

Helicopters ordinarily do not land in parking lots. When they do, local police and aviation authorities usually take notice. The unplanned landing of a helicopter in a parking lot in Swansea was only the beginning of a bizarre chain of events that ended with the investigation of the former CEO of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. for possible drug crimes.

Illinois recognizes several defenses to drug charges

The laws of Illinois criminalize the possession, distribution and manufacturing of controlled substances. Depending upon the type of drug that a person is accused of possessing and the quantity of the drug under their alleged control, the punishment for their alleged crime can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and decades in prison, if the person is convicted. However, a person facing drug crimes in the state can avail themselves to certain defenses that can reduce or even eliminate their pending criminal charges.

Possession of prescription drugs can form basis of drug crimes

Illinois residents can suffer from illnesses and injuries that require them to see their doctors and get treatment that will alleviate their symptoms while they heal. Although in some cases a person's treatment plan may include physical therapy and rest, in others it may require the person to receive a prescription drug. Prescription medications and drugs are substances that are not generally permitted to be held by individuals without legitimate medical causes.

Defenses exist for possession-based drug crimes

An arrest and conviction for a possession-based drug crime can change the course of an Illinois resident's life. They may see their educational or career aspirations disappear before their eyes or they may be forced to endure stresses and strain on their family and personal relationships as they suffer the weight of their criminal legal dilemmas. However, in some cases, a criminal defendant facing possession-based drug crimes may be able to present certain defenses at trial that can force prosecutors to reduce or drop the charges.

Ensuring your Fourth Amendment rights are not violated

When an Illinois resident is facing drug charges that carry long-term penalties, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget that they have constitutional guarantees that cannot be violated. As mentioned last week, the rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protect against unreasonable search and seizures. In addition to this, everyone has the right to defend themselves and have their day in court-after all, people are innocent until proven guilty.

What are my rights under the Fourth Amendment?

A previous post on this space talked about the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution as it relates to evidence obtained when someone is stopped and frisked during a traffic violation. Many Illinois residents may not know that the Fourth Amendment to the constitution also protects their right to privacy within their homes. This means that if a search is to be conducted, there must be probable cause to conduct it.

What is the status of evidence obtained through stop and frisks?

Illinois residents may know they have certain fundamental rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution of the United States of America, but what exactly those rights encompass may be a little hazy. Among the various guarantees is the protection against unreasonable search and seizure by police officers, as provided for in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. This means that there must be some reason that a person is detained and searched by law enforcement officials.

Suspected in a meth case? We can help

Any drug charge in Illinois is a serious matter and should be met with a prompt and effective response. State attorneys do not hesitate to prosecute drug cases when they can, and, upon conviction, a defendant can be looking at steep fines, a lengthy prison sentence and strict terms of parole or probation.

Employment-related roadblocks a drug crime conviction can raise

Being convicted of a drug crime can impact a person’s life in many ways. One of the big ones is that it can have employment-related implications. There are many employment-related roadblocks a person could face as a result of a criminal conviction, such as a drug crime conviction.

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