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A Detailed and Meticulous Approach to Your Criminal Case
A Detailed and Meticulous Approach to Your Criminal Case

100% Dedicated to Criminal Defense

Belleville Criminal Defense Attorney


A Law Firm 100 Percent Committed To Your Defense

When your freedom, financial future and personal and professional reputations are at risk of being taken away from you because of criminal charges, the lawyer you choose to handle your case is the single most important decision you will make.

I am Illinois criminal defense attorney Madelyn Daley. For more than 20 years, I have devoted my legal practice to ensuring that people facing the threat of jail time and fines have access to the highest quality legal representation. I joined my father, Tom Daley, in private practice in 2000 to fight on behalf of the accused in St. Clair County and all parts of Southern Illinois. I am proud to carry on his tradition of providing strategic, results-driven representation to people when their legal needs are at their greatest.

When facing criminal charges, you want a law firm that handles criminal defense exclusively. Because my firm only represents criminal defendants, my clients have the reassurance that I handle complex criminal law issues every single day and devote 100 percent of my resources to obtaining fair outcomes for them.

Serious Charges Require A Serious Defense Strategy

In very few cases is it truly too late to do something to help someone who has been charged with a crime. At the same time, the sooner someone charged with driving under the influence (DUI), drug crimes, weapons charges or any other crime retains my services, the sooner I can begin building a successful defense.

While every case my firm handles is unique, many clients’ cases come down to several core questions and issues. For example, was evidence obtained illegally? Was a traffic stop valid? Has the police or prosecution violated any other constitutional rights? Only an attorney with years of experience in the field can spot these issues quickly and turn the government’s mistakes into a benefit for a client. This is precisely what I do in my practice, day in and day out.

Quality Legal Help Is Only A Phone Call Or Email Away

Working with a lawyer should not add to the stress you and your loved ones already face. I provide a no-fee phone consultation, can arrange jail visits and offer a simple, flexible and flat-fee payment arrangement. Contact me, criminal defense attorney Madelyn Daley, at my Belleville office: Send an email or call 618-509-9724.