Defense strategies may mitigate or overcome DUI charges

Criminal charges based upon alleged instance of drunk driving can have serious repercussions on the lives of Illinois residents. Aside from the stigma that may attach when a person is convicted of drinking and driving, they may also lose their driver’s license as a consequence of their alleged actions, be forced to pay fines as part of their sentences, and may even be jailed for a duration of time.

Although each DUI case must be tried on its own facts there are defenses that some individuals can use to mitigate the serious consequences they may face due to their pending drunk driving charges. Defenses based on innocence, improperly administered field sobriety tests, and erroneous breathalyzer results may all serve to have prosecutorial evidence rebutted and the DUI and drunk driving charges faced by a person lessened or eliminated.

While some individuals may choose to fight their DUI charges alone, others experience significant benefits from working with DUI defense attorneys to confront their pending charges. Attorneys who provide DUI defense services are knowledgeable about the state’s drunk driving laws, the consequences that their clients may face, and methods of supporting their clients’ legal needs to work toward positive outcomes concerning their outstanding charges.

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