Ensuring your Fourth Amendment rights are not violated

When an Illinois resident is facing drug charges that carry long-term penalties, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget that they have constitutional guarantees that cannot be violated. As mentioned last week, the rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protect against unreasonable search and seizures. In addition to this, everyone has the right to defend themselves and have their day in court-after all, people are innocent until proven guilty.

This may lead those accused of criminal charges to believe that their only option is to go through the criminal justice system, but this is not the case. Illinois has many deferred adjudication programs. This means that rather than get convicted and get jail time, it is possible to reach a compromise whereby the accused would avoid those. This is a viable option for many first-time offenders, veterans and people with special needs.

Lawyers at our firm know there is no one size fits all option in the legal system-everyone has their individual situation and we defend our clients keeping in mind their situation. For those who want to go through the criminal justice system, we study the prosecution’s case closely to ensure they followed their constitutional requirements. Those who wish to reach a compromise also benefit from our experience and knowledge.

The drug laws are constantly changing-one day something may be considered illegal and the next day the law may change. We keep in touch with the laws so our clients don’t have to. For more, visit our page.