Finding a criminal defense strategy to fight your DUI charges

Any action that the Illinois or federal laws deem criminal can result in a blemish on a person’s record if they are convicted on the related charges. While crimes such as murder, rape and assault may carry with them more significant penalties, crimes related to driving while under the influence of alcohol may also be punished in serious ways.

A DUI conviction can result in the loss of a driver’s license. It may require a convicted Illinois resident to pay significant fines and court costs, and to attend educational and rehabilitative meetings. It may, in some cases, result in imprisonment and a loss of certain individual rights.

Drunk driving convictions can stay on a person’s criminal record for a long time. They can show up during background checks and can result in problems with a person’s application for new jobs and work opportunities. A conviction can derail the plans that individuals had begun to pursue for the future and limit their options for moving their lives forward.

However, a conviction is not inevitable in a drunk driving case. In fact, some individuals are able to successfully provide defenses and evidence to overcome their charges and protect their rights and freedoms through findings of innocence. With the right approach, individuals who are facing drunk driving charges can sometimes mitigate the punishments they would otherwise face if they chose to fight their charges alone.

At our law firm, we work with our clients who wish to fight their drunk driving charges. A defense strategy can be an important tool for confronting DUI charges.