Illinois man charged with aggravated DUI after fatal accident

Most people in Southeastern Illinois understand the risks of driving while being intoxicated by alcohol. The risks from intoxication caused by drugs is not as well understood. A recent traffic fatality in Madison County demonstrates the potential lethal connection between driving and using drugs, as well as the resulting need for a capable criminal defense attorney.

The suspect in the case is alleged to have stolen a Jeep Wrangler from an acquaintance and driven it while high on methamphetamine. He was allegedly driving in the wrong lane on Illinois Highway 4 when he struck another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle, a woman who resided in Sorento, was taken to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries. The suspect was not injured.

Police arrested the suspect and charged him with three counts of aggravated DUI causing death, aggravated DUI without insurance coverage, reckless homicide, possessing a stolen car, and improper lane usage. Police have claimed that the defendant was under the influence of both methamphetamine and amphetamine at the time of the collision. If convicted on the charge of aggravated DUI, the defendant will face a prison sentence of three to 14 years.

The suspect in this case faces serious criminal charges, but he is nevertheless entitled to be presumed innocent unless and until he is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A person facing similar charges may wish to seek the assistance of a capable criminal defense attorney who can help assess the case for and exploit prosecutorial weaknesses.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Man was high on meth in Illinois 4 crash that killed woman, police say,” by Kara Berg, Dec. 6, 2017