Two men charged with residential burglary

Most Belleville residents assume that crimes such as assault and burglary take place at night. However, not all criminal conduct is limited to the evening. Two men were recently arrested in St. Clair County on suspicion of committing a residential burglary at about 11:00 a.m.

A resident of the neighborhood where the alleged robbery occurred told police that she saw two men and a woman walking up and down a residential street knocking on doors. The neighbor then allegedly saw the two men walk behind a house but not return to the street.

The Sheriff’s Department was called, and as deputies arrived on the scene, they saw two men leaving the house through a rear window. The men allegedly ran from police for several blocks, but they were apprehended without incident. Both men were charged with one count each of residential burglary. A juvenile female was spotted driving a vehicle in the area, and she detained before being released. Police offered no comment on whether they believed the girl was an accomplice of the two men that were arrested.

The two men who were arrested in this case are 21 and 18 years of age. If they are convicted of the crimes with which they have been charged, the convictions will blot their lives forever. Anyone who faces similar charges may suffer the same fate if they are convicted. Seeking advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney may avert these consequences. A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate the evidence, suggest potential defenses and, if the circumstances warrant, negotiate a favorable plea agreement.