We help people recover after a one-time mistake

Even what some would consider a minor criminal offense can wind up haunting a Belleville, Illinois, resident for the rest of his or her life. Even charges that wind up getting dismissed can still affect a person’s ability to get a job, decent housing, a college education or a professional license.

Moreover, it can also hurt a person’s chances at getting the court orders necessary for them to build a quality relationship with their children. Finally, a criminal conviction or arrest just has a certain stigma about it that many people just don’t want to talk about, as it is a reminder of a mistake from which they would like to move on.

Our law office has successfully helped many people in and around the Belleville area get their arrest and even conviction records sealed or expunged, as these procedures are allowed under Illinois law. The nice thing about sealing or expunging a record is that, once a judge has approved a request, a person can legally proceed as if their case never happened.

This is a great opportunity for a person who has a past but who has been trying to live a better life get a break that can help them move forward with better job opportunities and a better life more generally.

While expungement is not available for everyone, our attorney uses her experience and knowledge both to stay abreast of this important area of the law and to apply her expertise to getting clients a fresh start on their lives. Especially in light of some changes in Illinois law that made expungement more widely available, residents who may have a blemish on their criminal record should evaluate this option.