Man arrested for DUI after truckers stop his vehicle

Not all arrests for driving under the influence in Illinois happen after a law enforcement traffic stop or after an accident and an investigation. In some instances, civilians will believe a driver is under the influence and take steps to stop the driver from continuing in what is believed to be a DUI. When this happens, the driver will likely be arrested when law enforcement arrives. In cases like this, it is imperative that drivers remember their rights to a DUI defense.

According to a recent report, a man was arrested for DUI after his minivan was alleged to have been swerving on the road and two semi-truck drivers boxed it in and stopped it. The incident occurred in the mid-afternoon at around 3:30 p.m. Two callers to law enforcement stated that the vehicle was being operated recklessly. A third caller alerted law enforcement when the minivan hit the median on the road. The driver is said to have gotten back in the vehicle and driven slowly until the two truckers acted. Law enforcement arrived and arrested the 33-year-old man. He was charged with DUI for drugs.

Whether the DUI charges involve alcohol or drugs, those who are arrested can face harsh penalties. That includes the possibility of jail time and fines, but it can also mean the loss of driving privileges, higher insurance rates and other problems. Regardless of the circumstances, it is vital to have a strong legal defense to combat the charges. Law enforcement must follow certain rules when they are investigating a possible DUI. The testing procedures can be called into question or there could be extenuating circumstances that made the driver appear to be under the influence.

Since the driver from this recent report could be confronted with jail, fines and the loss of his driver license, he must formulate a strong DUI defense immediately.