Two women face methamphetamine-related charges

Use and sale of methamphetamine in Belleville and the surrounding areas in Illinois has become increasingly problematic. Law enforcement is taking major steps to find and arrest those who are involved in its manufacture and sale. With that will come charges and the possibility of fines and jail time, if there is a conviction. The charges can vary based on how much the person has in his or her possession, if it was meant for sale, and if there are other crimes alleged along with it. Having legal assistance in all circumstances is critical to lodging a strong defense.

Two women were placed under arrest because methamphetamine was being sold out of their home. Law enforcement made the arrest after saying the drug was found in the residence. The women, ages 38 and 33, are facing separate charges. The 38-year-old was released after posting a percentage of the bond.

She is charged with a Class 2 felony for allowing the drug to be sold out of her home. The 33-year-old was still incarcerated. She is facing several charges related to the drug. Officers alleged that they purchased methamphetamine at the home and secured a search warrant. Neither of the women is the registered owner of the property.

When arrested on charges related to manufacture or possession of methamphetamine, having legal assistance that is experienced in these type of charges is an integral factor in a successful resolution. Since these drugs and being involved with them can lead to hefty charges and the accompanying penalties, it is crucial to examine the evidence and try to find ways to lodge a defense.

Perhaps, the law enforcement search was not conducted according to protocol. There might be a strategy to reduce the charges. Being convicted can have a long-term impact on a person’s life that goes beyond incarceration and fines. A legal defense is imperative.

Two women were arrested on charges related to methamphetamine being sold out of their home. With the way law enforcement is pursuing those allegedly involved with methamphetamine, having a strong legal defense is vital. A law firm with experience in defending those charged with drug crimes is the first call that should be made.