Police find corpse during investigation of an earlier shooting

Two recent homicides in East St. Louis may or not be related, but the manner of their discovery was definitely connected. As Illinois state police were investigating reports of a shooting at a public housing complex in East St. Louis, they were unaware that a second corpse was in the basement of vacant apartment building only a few feet away.

The first shooting report was received by police in the early evening of Sept. 18. As police were on their way to investigate the first shooting to be called in (the 14th fatal shooting in East St. Louis in 2018), 911 received a second call stating that a man had been shot in the nearby vacant basement. Police found the first victim on a grassy knoll in front of the housing complex. Witnesses said they saw him argue with two men. One of the men shot the victim in the chest, and the two men fled on foot. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died from his wounds.

The second victim was found shortly thereafter. He was believed to have been shot several times. Police have described the man as “homeless” and alleged that he had assaulted a female resident with a knife. A court order had been entered banning the man from entering the complex or trespassing on the premises.

The suspects in these two cases are facing charges. Police have not said whether they believe the two cases to be related. If the suspects are apprehended, they will face serious homicide charges. Individuals who face similar charges may receive sentences consisting of considerable jail time and potential fines if they are convicted. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to furnish an evaluation of the evidence in the cases and assist in attempting to negotiate a favorable plea agreement.