Driver charged with DUI in accident that injures motorcyclist

Vehicle accidents that cause death or serious injury often involve what baseball players might call “bad bounces.” In a recent accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle, the ricochet of the SUV off a culvert turned what could have been a harmless accident into an incident that seriously injured he motorcyclist.

The SUV was heading south on U.S. Highway 51 in southern Illinois when the vehicle crossed the centerline and into a ditch. Instead of stopping in the ditch, the SUV struck a heavy culvert and bounced back onto the northbound lane of the highway.

A northbound motorcycle hit the rear end of the SUV, and its driver was thrown off the bike. The motorcyclist was taken to a hospital in Centralia for treatment of his injuries. Police believe that the driver of the SUV may have been intoxicated, and he was charged with a DUI.

The defendant in this case may be facing serious criminal penalties. According to Illinois law, a person who is convicted of a DUI that caused a motor vehicle accident and great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement can face at least a year in prison and a mandatory fine. If the motorcyclist in this case suffered serious injuries that meet the statutory requirements, the driver of the SUV may be charged with aggravated DUI.

Anyone who is facing a possible accusation of aggravated DUI may wish to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney for an evaluation of the facts of the case, potential defense strategies. And, if appropriate, assistance in negotiating a favorable plea agreement.