Assistance sealing a criminal record sealed

We all make mistakes, but many people that have been charged or convicted of a crime find that they pay for those mistakes for the rest of their lives. A criminal record, even one with only minor offenses, can affect your ability to get a job, find housing, get custody of your kids and qualify for student loans. At Madelyn Daley & Associates, we have helped countless Illinois residents get their criminal records expunged or sealed to give them the opportunity to leave the past behind them and look forward to the future.

When your criminal record is expunged, any record of your arrest or conviction will be erased completely and you will never be required to disclose it. If your record is sealed, your criminal history will still exist legally and physically, but it will not be accessible by the public. In other words, a potential employer would not have access to sealed records.

While not all criminal charges and convictions qualify for sealing or expungement, our attorneys will thoroughly review your records to determine whether your charges can be sealed or expunged. As of 2014, even felony convictions in Illinois may be sealed, with the exception of Class 4 felony drug convictions and a few other charges.

Don’t let your past criminal charges and/or convictions hold you back from reaching your goals for the future. Contacting an experienced attorney can help those in such situations proceed with a solid plan. Don’t attempt to navigate these difficult tasks alone without the proper guidance.