We can help seal or expunge your criminal record

Criminal convictions or even criminal charges can negatively impact the rest of your life. Potential employers may immediately rule out a qualified candidate if they see that they have been convicted of a crime, no matter how minor that crime is. A criminal record can also affect your ability to find housing, qualify for loans, or become certified in your career. It can even affect whether you get custody of your children following a divorce or separation. Many people make the mistake of falsifying their applications and attempting to hide their convictions altogether. Unfortunately, lying about your criminal history is a crime in itself and can lead to even more trouble.

Fortunately, there are ways to legally avoid disclosing your conviction. Attorney Madelyn Daley has helped a number of Illinois residents get their lives back after a criminal conviction by getting their criminal charges or convictions sealed or expunged. If your record is sealed, it still exists but is not accessible through normal means. For example, a sealed record will generally not be accessible during a background check run by a potential employer.

Expungement essentially erases the offense altogether as if it never happened. Your criminal record will no longer be accessible, and you are legally allowed to deny the charges or convictions that were expunged. Generally, many misdemeanors and a few felonies can qualify for sealing, expungement, or both.

Getting your criminal record sealed or expunged can change your life and open up opportunities you never would have had otherwise. Visit our website for more information regarding sealing or expungement.