An effective criminal defense can lead to dropped charges

It is natural for someone who has been charged with a crime in Illinois to be worried about what their future holds. In many cases, a criminal conviction can lead to significant jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and long-term consequences that could impact your life long after you’ve served your time.

However, these consequences are not inevitable. If you choose to consult with a criminal defense attorney, your attorney can come up with a strategy to defend against the charges you face. If the strategy is effective, your charges may be reduced or dropped altogether.

While both the prosecutor and the defendant may use the same general facts to make their arguments, they can spin the facts in completely different ways. Generally, once the defendant has told their criminal defense attorney their side of the story, the two will work together to come up with the best possible strategy to show the defendant in the best possible light. The defense will also weigh other factors, such as witness credibility and police misconduct, to build their case.

In addition, defense attorneys will also help prepare defendants before the trial. By conducting mock interviews and finding ways to help defendants remember what happened, and the defendant will be more prepared for what’s to come. As a defendant, you should make sure to tell your attorney the complete story about what happened. If you are straightforward and honest with your own lawyer, you will have a better chance at having your charges reduced.