Man charged with drunk driving and reckless homicide

Drunk driving is always a serious offense, but it can become even more serious if it leads to a loss of life. If a drunk driver causes an accident that kills one or more people, the driver may face charges reckless homicide while driving under the influence. In Illinois, an aggravated DUI with multiple deaths is classified as a Class 2 felony and could result in 6-28 years in prison and up to $25,000. Drivers facing these serious charges often benefit from a solid DUI defense strategy.

Recently, a driver from Beach Park, Illinois was driving under the influence of alcohol in Wisconsin and rear-ended a SUV on a highway, causing the deaths of three people in the SUV, according to news reports. A fourth person in the SUV suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Officers on the scene reported that the driver smelled of alcohol at the time of the collision and obtained a blood sample from the driver through a search warrant. The sample will be tested and could affect the charges against him. For now, however, the driver faces three counts of reckless homicide, as well as reckless driving causing great bodily harm. The driver also faces three counts of knowingly operating a vehicle with a revoked license causing death. The driver has a valid Illinois license, but his Wisconsin license was revoked. The driver was previously convicted of drunk driving in 2005.

An aggravated DUI conviction is serious in Illinois and could result in significant legal and personal consequences. The consequences may be even more serious for drivers that have previous DUI convictions on their record. A criminal defense attorney in the Belleville area can advise you if you are facing these charges.