Law changes can lead to expungements

Deep down inside, most Americans believe they are good people. Despite previous tickets, allegations or offenses, you probably think you shouldn’t have to receive continual punishment for something in your past that is no longer illegal. You may be of the mindset that bearing the burden of a criminal record once laws have been reversed isn’t fair. And some lawmakers agree – it isn’t.

As previously discussed, those with specific drug charges in their past may now experience the peace a clean record can provide. Illinois’ decriminalization efforts are a huge relief to many. If you have a past you’re not proud of, getting your record expunged could enable you to focus on developing a positive future.

How might recent legislation interest you?

If you haven’t been in much trouble with the law, you might not understand much about how the criminal justice system typically works. And you may not grasp the impact of legislators altering the history of more than 750,000 individuals statewide.

Minor offenses on your record can haunt you for years. But with expungement opportunities now available, you could soon have a clean record.

What are the benefits of expungement?

  • A clean slate. Everyone makes mistakes. And in some circumstances, you may be unable to thoroughly defend yourself against the charges you face. After record expungement, your previous offenses will not show up on background checks.
  • Get a job. Rather than receiving an immediate disqualification status regarding your job applications, your potential employers will remain unaware of your past. Depending on your circumstances, you could focus on providing for your family rather than hoping someone will help you get a gig to get by.
  • Secure housing. Many rental establishments run a background check when you apply for housing. And if you have a record, they may not allow you to live there. However, with a clean record, your past cannot prevent you from establishing your future where you choose to live.

Along with these benefits comes increased opportunities.

Whether you would like to work in a more competitive field or live in a nicer neighborhood, expunging your record may enable you to reach your goals. And with legal changes in the works, others may not be able to categorize you in a way that can hold you back from realizing your full potential.