Former Assistant State’s Attorney Charged With DUI After Accident

When people drink too much and drive in Illinois, they could be charged with a DUI. This is true for anyone. No one is above the law in that respect. This is evidenced by the fact that a former Assistant State’s Attorney was recently charged with a DUI. She allegedly drove her vehicle through a stop sign, hit another car, drove over a curb, and eventually crashed through the wall of a business. She was trapped in the car when officers arrived due to a wall of the building landing on her vehicle. She allegedly had a BAC of .43 at the time.

She has now been charged with a DUI and recently lost her driver’s license due to a summary suspension. There are many people who drink and drive in Illinois, and it can be very dangerous to not only the person driving but everyone else on the road. Drunk drivers can cause accidents that leave people hurt. That is why there are significant penalties for people who are caught drinking and driving.

This former prosecutor now finds herself on the other side of the table as she defends against this DUI. She is afforded all of the same rights as anyone else who is charged with a DUI. She is not guilty at this time since she is innocent until it is proven that she is in fact guilty. She may have defenses available to her. Law enforcement must follow certain protocols and laws when dealing with suspected drunk drivers, including during the administration of field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. If they fail to follow proper procedures, then that evidence could be suppressed, thereby making a conviction unlikely

Many people in Illinois are charged with DUI. Like all other crimes, people accused of drunk driving are not automatically guilty simply because they were pulled over and charged with DUI. It is important to understand the various defenses that may be available to drivers. That is why consulting with an experienced attorney could be very beneficial.