Helping People Avoid the Severe Penalties of Drug Charges

There are many laws regulating the possession and distribution of drugs. These laws can result in significant consequences for those people who are caught breaking them. These consequences can include significant fines, prison time, and a mar on one’s record. However, only people who are convicted will have to experience these ramifications.

People who are charged with drug crimes are not automatically deemed guilty. In many instances there are criminal defense options available to these individuals. Most of these defenses begin with the stop and search of the person or his or her vehicle. Everyone has a constitutional right against illegal searches and seizures, and, as a result, the police must follow certain rules when they stop people and search them. If the police do not follow these rules and thereby illegally stop or search a person, then the evidence of any drugs found on them or in their vehicles could be suppressed. If that evidence is suppressed then a conviction is unlikely.

However, even if the police follow the rules and the evidence collected will be admissible against an accused individual, that person may still be able to avoid the harshest penalties sought by prosecutors. Diversion programs may allow an individual to seek drug treatment while avoiding penalties and conviction altogether. Others may be able to obtain a favorable plea deal that does not include jail time and other severe penalties that may normally result after a conviction for drug charges.

Drug charges are just that: charges. It is therefore important to understand one’s rights after being accused of criminal wrongdoing, as this is the only way to mount a competent criminal defense. Madelyn Daley Attorney at Law has handled many drug cases and knows the defenses that may be available. This experience can be valuable as people navigate through the criminal justice system. For more information please visit our drug crime.