What Are Your Rights for Contesting an Illinois Traffic Ticket?

As an Illinois motorist, receiving a traffic ticket can feel like a frustrating experience, but in reality, it is not all that uncommon. The Illinois State Bar Association notes that traffic court sees more cases than any other type in the state each year as accused drivers fight the alleged charges.

If you recently received a traffic ticket in Illinois and plan to take your case to court, understanding your rights first can help you feel more confident once the case goes to trial.

The right to hire an attorney

Most traffic violations in the state do not carry a felony charge, but you can still hire an attorney if you feel it might help your case. Unlike other court proceedings, the court will not supply you with an attorney, so you may want to ask friends and family for referrals to find a lawyer experienced with traffic court.

 The right to present witnesses

Illinois law allows you to present witnesses at your traffic court case, as well as the right to question them. Your attorney may pose the questions if you chose for him or her to represent you. The witness can present photographs or any other evidence he or she believes might help your case.

The right to review paperwork

You have the right to review the ticket the officer created on the day you received it, as well as any other paperwork pertaining to the case. It is wise to review this information with your attorney so you do not make any errors regarding its contents.

Minor Illinois traffic violations that result in tickets typically carry a fine. More serious traffic offenses, such as a DUI charge, usually carry stricter penalties and the need for an experienced attorney.