Will a Drug Conviction Keep You From a Job?

Getting a job after a drug conviction may seem a lost cause. However, with the right approach and some careful preparation, you can give yourself a winning shot at making a remarkable first impression.

Knowing how to highlight your potential can help you enter interviews with confidence and poise.

Build rapport

You can begin making an impression from the moment you submit your application. Demonstrate your attention to detail when you carefully fill out the required information. Show your integrity when you answer each question honestly. Show organization in the way you order the content on your resume.

If you receive a call for an interview, immediately start researching the company to learn more about what they do. Some considerations of things to study include information about brand, products or services and company mission statement. Dress appropriately for your interview and arrive on time. Greet the interviewers with enthusiasm and carry yourself with confidence.

Share lessons learned

Your interview may end up at a point where you find yourself discussing your drug conviction. According to Monster.com, when this happens, redirect the interviewer’s attention to what you have done to move forward. Highlight the lessons you have learned. You can even talk about how the lessons you have learned can apply to your job to increase your productivity and reliability.

No matter your criminal past, you deserve to live a life of success and enjoyment. Getting a job can help you work toward other goals you may have. Choosing an optimistic perspective may make a considerable difference in your confidence and your ability to help others see your potential.