What Are Some Signs of Methamphetamine Use?

The drug methamphetamine has very dangerous effects on the health of a person, which is why lawmakers have made it illegal to possess. A conviction for having meth could send you to prison for multiple years. You should be aware of signs of meth use so you know if a loved one is taking this drug before your relative runs afoul of the law.

WebMD explains the different signs that methamphetamine produces in a person who takes it, both in the short term after ingesting it and over a period of long-term usage.

Signs from short-term use

There are some physical symptoms that could happen shortly after taking meth. You might lose your desire to eat. Your heartbeat may speed up or feel irregular. Meth can also cause you to breathe more quickly or feel hot.

Additionally, meth can make you feel like you want to perform more physical activity. This is dangerous because you may push your body beyond its limits. You could suffer sudden exhaustion and sleep for a long period of time, but you might also suffer a stroke or a heart attack. Some meth users suffer damage to the organs and even an overdose. These outcomes could lead to your death.

Signs from long-term use

If you do not stop using meth, it can take a toll on your body. You can start to look older than you really are. You might lose weight and become dangerously underweight. Meth may also make your skin itch. Over time, you may scratch so much that you produce sores over your body. Meth also causes tooth decay and you might lose some of your teeth.

Meth use may also produce emotional problems. You could lose your interest in doing the things you once enjoyed, or you may become irritated or anxious. It is not uncommon for meth users to become aggressive or suffer mood swings.

Drug paraphernalia

Finally, a meth user could end up using drug paraphernalia along with meth. Examples of paraphernalia include surgical tubing, spoons and syringes. This could be a major problem if the police catch you with these items since possessing drug paraphernalia is a crime and may lead to charges of drug possession and other related charges.

Given that methamphetamine use may be obvious, it is very possible for law enforcement to suspect someone of meth use. However, the police are not always correct, and defenses to meth and other drug use are available depending on your case.