My Child Was Arrested for DUI: What Should I Do?

Teenagers make mistakes; it is part of growing up. But sometimes, those mistakes come with incredibly harsh consequences. Getting arrested for drunk driving is one such case. If your child is facing DUI charges, you should know what you can do to protect your child and their future.

Talk to a lawyer

As soon as you learn about your child’s arrest, consulting a legal professional will be crucial. Despite what the police officers might say, they are not there to protect your child. And while Illinois laws ban police from lying to minors or promising to “go easy” on them, your child can still say something to police that ultimately works against them.

Because of this, they should have an attorney by their side before talking to the police. And if an arrest leads to criminal charges, an attorney can help protect your child’s rights and defend against the accusations. 

Depending on the details of your child’s case, it could be possible to seek reduced or dismissed charges.

Help your child

Whether you think your child broke the law or not, you can still be mad and disappointed in your child. Maybe they broke curfew or were hanging out with friends you don’t like when they were arrested. Whatever the circumstances may be, your child needs your help now.

Some ways to do this might include:

  • Talking to them to get their side of the story
  • Keeping them from answering questions without an attorney
  • Connecting them with a support group or counseling
  • Allowing them to continue with academics, athletics and other extracurricular activities
  • Setting and enforcing rules that keep them from getting into additional trouble

These measures can protect the well-being of your child and your family. They can also help your child get through this difficult time with your love and support. 

Protect their future

A criminal conviction can follow a person long after the case closes. If your child pleads guilty or is convicted of DUI, they can lose their license for years. A criminal record can also keep them from jobs and housing options. It could also cost them scholarships and other educational opportunities.

With so much on the line, parents must think about their child’s future and take steps to protect them.