Avoid These Mistakes After an Assault Charge

Assault is a serious crime. According to the Illinois General Assembly, assault is a Class C Misdemeanor. However, if you commit an assault in public, it becomes an aggravated assault. Depending on the severity of the offense, you might face a felony charge.

No one wants to face an aggravated assault charge. However, if you are unfortunate enough to receive one, there are some mistakes you want to avoid.

Talking about the incident

Talking to other people about your incident might endanger your chances of getting the charges dropped. The government will use all their available resources, including the word of your friends, siblings or parents. Do not put yourself or your loved ones in a situation where they might have to testify against you.

Talking to police

Do not trust the promises of police officers. That does not mean you should act belligerently or overtly aggressive toward law enforcement. It does mean you should not tell them any details about your incident. Police do not have to read your rights until they place you under arrest. Miranda rights do not protect anything you say before they take you into custody. They might try to act like they are on your side, but they probably want to get an early confession.

Deleting posted videos

Posting a video of the incident online is a bad idea. However, deleting the video after the fact is illegal because it destroys the evidence. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of posting, you must live with the decision or face further charges.

Assault charges affect employment opportunities and other privileges. Avoid making mistakes that hurt the chances of dropped charges.