Things to Know About Illinois Construction Zone Tickets

Reduced speed limits in construction zones serve the purpose of protecting workers, drivers, and passengers. If you do not obey these restrictions, be prepared to pay fines much larger than a regular speeding ticket.

Drivers and Passengers Are More Likely to Be Injured in Construction Zones

Contrary to popular belief, drivers and passengers are more likely to be injured in a construction zone than workers. Traffic increases in work zones due to lower speed limits, fewer lanes, or bumpy roads, which can increase the likelihood of a collision. Work zone speed limits are put in place to protect everyone, not just the construction workers.

Workers Do Not Need to Be Present in a Construction Zone for Speed Restrictions to Apply

If there are no workers in a construction zone, you do not have to slow down, correct? No, this is false! You are legally required to obey speed limits whether or not there are workers present. Disobeying these signs can result in hefty fines.

If Convicted, Be Prepared to Pay Expensive Fines

Speeding tickets are expensive, and construction zone speeding tickets are even more costly. Speeding in a construction zone for the first time in Illinois is punishable by a $375 fine. If you get caught a second time, you will be required to pay a minimum $1,000 fine.

The best way to avoid a ticket due to speeding in a construction zone is to obey the posted speed limit signs. If you or a loved one received a speeding in a construction zone ticket that you wish to fight, contact us today. We will work diligently to protect your license and get you the best outcome possible.