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Driver charged with DUI in accident that injures motorcyclist

Vehicle accidents that cause death or serious injury often involve what baseball players might call "bad bounces." In a recent accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle, the ricochet of the SUV off a culvert turned what could have been a harmless accident into an incident that seriously injured he motorcyclist.

The SUV was heading south on U.S. Highway 51 in southern Illinois when the vehicle crossed the centerline and into a ditch. Instead of stopping in the ditch, the SUV struck a heavy culvert and bounced back onto the northbound lane of the highway.

Treasurer of public agency charged with embezzlement

Most people in Belleville and Madison County have probably never heard of the Wood River Levee and Drainage District. The name may become more familiar in the next few days due to the arrest of the District's secretary-treasurer on theft charges and the resulting political battle that was triggered.

The Madison County State Attorney's office had apparently received reports of financial mismanagement and possible theft at the district in early September. The district attorney's office used the assistance of a financial adviser to uncover the theft.

Felony DUI in Illinois

If you have a previous experience with a DUI arrest, you know the serious nature of a conviction. You may have spent many months or even years catching up after the hit your family's finances took, including fines, fees and the hike in your auto insurance premiums. You may have been fortunate to keep your job, and your life is back on track because your DUI charge was only a misdemeanor.

The next DUI may not be so easy. In fact, as in most states, the penalties for drunk driving in Illinois increase with each offense. Although a third DUI may be a felony in Illinois, there are other factors that may result in felony charges related to drunk driving.

Police find corpse during investigation of an earlier shooting

Two recent homicides in East St. Louis may or not be related, but the manner of their discovery was definitely connected. As Illinois state police were investigating reports of a shooting at a public housing complex in East St. Louis, they were unaware that a second corpse was in the basement of vacant apartment building only a few feet away.

The first shooting report was received by police in the early evening of Sept. 18. As police were on their way to investigate the first shooting to be called in (the 14th fatal shooting in East St. Louis in 2018), 911 received a second call stating that a man had been shot in the nearby vacant basement. Police found the first victim on a grassy knoll in front of the housing complex. Witnesses said they saw him argue with two men. One of the men shot the victim in the chest, and the two men fled on foot. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died from his wounds.

Car theft suspect charged with robbery with a firearm

Most people in Belleville regard automobiles as a necessary part of modern life, but for some, cars are the source of criminal behavior. A young man from Cahokia has been charged with six very serious felonies in connection with his unsuccessful attempt to steal a car.

The suspect was allegedly attempting to steal a car in O'Fallon when an unknown person interrupted him. The suspect pointed a pistol at the interloper and climbed into the car. He drove off but not before the witness was able to furnish a description of the suspect and the stolen vehicle to police shortly after the incident occurred.

Police use CCTV to identify person of interest in bank robberies

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems are common security devices. They appear in almost every kind of commercial establishment in Belleville and its neighboring cities. One of the most common uses of CCTV is providing security for banks and other financial institutions. Police in O'Fallon have just released news of how the CCTV system in a bank inside the Schnucks Market has led them to identify a person of interest in a recent robbery.

According to police, a man dressed in a black polo shirt and a St. Louis Cardinals' baseball cap approached the teller in the 1st National Bank of Waterloo in the Schnucks store. The man implied that he was armed as he demanded money from the teller. After receiving an undisclosed amount of money from the teller, the suspect ran out of the store and fled on foot in a northwesterly direction.

Woman accused of allowing drug dealer to live in her house

The police have reported a raid in Swansea in which they arrested the homeowner on charges of trading a room for a supply of methamphetamine from the alleged drug dealer who lived in the room. The case seems ordinary on the surface, but the defendant is raising an energetic defense predicated on a single argument -- the police lied in the affidavit in which she was accused of accepting drugs as rent.

Two women were arrested on Friday morning after members of the St. Clair County Drug Tactical Unit claim that they found meth in the house owned by one of the women. In the affidavit submitted in support of the police request for a search warrant, officers claimed that they had learned from a confidential source that the two women were selling meth from the house's garage. After the arrests, an article containing these facts was posted on line. The homeowner, one of the two women charged with selling meth, called the local newspaper and said the online story was false.

Domestic violence charges place your rights at risk

One of the surest events that could jeopardize your future is for someone to accuse you of domestic violence. Domestic violence in Illinois refers to any physical or violent act one person commits against someone with whom he or she has an intimate relationship. This can be a spouse or child, but it may also be a former romantic interest or roommate.

Domestic violence is a criminal charge and carries serious consequences. It is one of the few charges for which the mere accusation can bring about ruinous results. Once someone files charges against you, you may find your options narrowing quickly.

Defendant in fatal wrong-way crash wants evidence suppressed

A man from New Athens, Illinois, who is awaiting trial on charges of aggravated DUI resulting in death and reckless homicide is attempting to persuade the court to suppress important evidence in the case. Police obtained a warrant to search the defendant's truck for evidence of alcohol consumption, and the defendant wants the results of the search excluded from evidence at trial because police failed to follow proper procedures.

The accident occurred on July 8, 2017, when the defendant allegedly crossed the centerline on Highway 15 and collided with a vehicle heading in the opposite direct. Both men in the other vehicle were killed, while the defendant survived the accident. After the accident, Belleville police filed an affidavit seeking a search warrant authorizing them to search the defendant's truck for the event recorder and any evidence "related to the consumption, use or possession of alcohol or marijuana." The affidavit accompanying the search warrant application quoted emergency personnel as telling police that they smelled alcohol on the defendant's breath. The affidavit also stated that police officers found cold cans of beer and prescription pill bottles when they inventoried the contents of the vehicle after it was removed from the scene of the accident.

Two women face methamphetamine-related charges

Use and sale of methamphetamine in Belleville and the surrounding areas in Illinois has become increasingly problematic. Law enforcement is taking major steps to find and arrest those who are involved in its manufacture and sale. With that will come charges and the possibility of fines and jail time, if there is a conviction. The charges can vary based on how much the person has in his or her possession, if it was meant for sale, and if there are other crimes alleged along with it. Having legal assistance in all circumstances is critical to lodging a strong defense.

Two women were placed under arrest because methamphetamine was being sold out of their home. Law enforcement made the arrest after saying the drug was found in the residence. The women, ages 38 and 33, are facing separate charges. The 38-year-old was released after posting a percentage of the bond.

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