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Man whose car broke down robbed at gunpoint

Having your car break down is never enjoyable. The experience becomes even more trying if the breakdown occurs at night and you are robbed while walking to find help. A recent robbery in Belleville combined all of these elements.

A man was driving east on Illinois Route 15/13 at about 2:00 A.M. when his car malfunctioned. He began to walk east along the highway when he was passed by a Mustang. The Mustang pulled in front of him and stopped. According to the statement given to police, the male passenger in the vehicle jumped out and walked back to the pedestrian. The man from the Mustang allegedly held a gun to the other man's head and demanded his property. The pedestrian did not object and turned over his wallet, car keys and cell phone. The man then jumped into the Mustang, and the car sped away.

Home CCTV system helps identify robbery suspect

Many residents in Belleville have installed CCTV security cameras in their homes. The cameras increase the homeowner's sense of personal security, but do they help catch criminals? A recent arrest in Belleville provides evidence for a positive answer.

A woman in Belleville called police when she awoke to find out that the lights in her home were not working. When police inspected the home, they found that the house's main circuit breaker had been turned off. The woman told police that she believed that someone had been in her home during the two previous evenings because she found doors left open, damage to a storm door and a damaged cell phone.

Library director facing charges of embezzlement

Librarians are generally regarded as paragons of public servants - cooperative, helpful and honest. That stereotype may be shaken by the arrest and arraignment of the former East St. Louis library director on embezzlement and wire fraud charges.

According to the charges filed in federal court, the defendant used credit cards owned and paid for by the school district to purchase sports and concert tickets. The defendant pleaded not guilty to both charges. The defendant was released from custody based upon his promise to appear in court when required. He was, however, required to surrender his Firearm Owner's Identification card, his concealed-carry card and his passport.

Did hurrying lead to a reckless driving charge?

Everyone gets in too much of a hurry from time to time. Whether you consume your lunch in minutes in hopes of saving time or cut corners during a project just to reach the end, you typically end up with some sort of negative result. While hiccups from eating too quickly may seem like an insignificant payoff for saving some time, you could face more serious consequences if you get in too much of a hurry while driving.

While traveling slightly over the speed limit may not yield substantial punishment, excessive speed or dangerous maneuvers could be deemed reckless driving by police officers. If an officer believes that you have unnecessarily put your life and the lives of others in harm's way with your driving, you could face a traffic stop and criminal charges.

Man allegedly beat estranged wife with bat

Divorces can stir very intense emotions in one or both spouses. In some cases, one spouse will let intense anger spill over into one or more acts of violence. A funeral home director from Belleville was recently charged with using a baseball bat to assault and threaten his estranged wife in her home.

According to police, the suspect broke into a house in St. Clair County and attacked his 62-year-old wife with an aluminum baseball bat. The woman filed a statement in St. Clair County Court in which she accused the man of hitting her multiple times with the bat and pushing her down a staircase. She further accused him of trying to throttle her by placing the bat across her throat. While holding her down, the man allegedly told the woman to vacate the house within three weeks and to drop the divorce proceeding in favor of an out-of-court settlement.

Cold case investigation leads to murder charges

Many police forces have cold cases, that is, criminal investigations that were halted without any arrests or charges being filed. Authorities in Madison and Jersey Counties have recently joined forces to make an arrest in a cold case arising out of a disappearance that happened eight years ago.

The case was reopened at the urging of an assistant county prosecutor who volunteered to work on cold cases. The murder allegedly occurred on June 25, 2010, when the victim disappeared. Police used dogs trained to find cadavers to search an area in Jersey County, but this search produced no results.

A preliminary screening is not the same as a Breathalyzer

Let's say you're driving along an Illinois highway when a police officer pulls you over. Your first thought may be that you were traveling a few miles over the posted speed limit. Then the lunch you just had with a few friends suddenly comes to mind, because you enjoyed a couple of beers with your meal. That seemingly innocent event now has you worried as the officer approaches your window.

Does consuming a drink or two at a social gathering mean you're breaking the law if you get behind the wheel? The answer depends on several factors, most importantly how much alcohol is in your bloodstream at the time of your traffic stop. If the police officer standing at your window asks you to get out of your car, you can bet he or she suspects you of DUI.

Wrong-way collision results in DUI charges for Belleville man

A single DUI conviction can follow a person for a lifetime. Repeated convictions not only follow a person but also extract significantly more serious penalties. An Easter Sunday collision resulted in a Belleville man being charged with DUI offenses and causing serious physical injury.

The collision occurred in the pre-dawn hours of April 1. Officers received a call about a wrong-way driver on Highway 15. While en route, officers received another call saying that the vehicle had collided head on with another vehicle. When officers reached the scene, they found the vehicle resting on its roof. A second vehicle appeared to have suffered severe front end damage. No one was found in either vehicle.

Two men charged with planting skimmer in local gas station

Identify theft has become a nationwide problem in our credit card economy. One of the most common methods of stealing a person's personal and banking information is the installation of a skimmer device on a credit card reader. The skimmer copies the card holder's account information and then downloads the information onto a computer controlled by the intended thief.

Two men were recently arrested and charged with placing skimmers on three gas station pumps in Okawville. The skimmer was discovered by a maintenance worker who had been called to repair the pump. Police next reviewed the station's surveillance videos, where they saw images that allegedly showed the suspects installing the skimmers. The assistant manager of the gas station noticed the car used by the suspects when it returned to the station a few days later. Police were notified, and the two suspects were arrested.

Man charged with string of burglaries in St. Clair County

A resident of East St. Louis has been arrested and charged with committing three burglaries in St. Clair County since January 2018. One of the burglaries was in Belleville, one in Fairview Heights and one in Washington Park. The suspect was captured because he suffered a minor gunshot wound during the third alleged burglary.

According to police, the burglaries demonstrate an increasing level of violence. The first burglary occurred when the suspect allegedly broke into the home of an elderly man in Belleville on January 12. Two weeks later, the same man allegedly robbed a woman on the MetroLink train near the Fairview Heights station. On March 10, he allegedly attempted another robbery in Washington Park, but was shot during the attempt. The bullet wound provided enough information for police to locate and arrest the man. He has been charged with home invasion, robbery, attempted armed robbery, aggravated battery and felon in possession of a firearm.

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