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March 2017 Archives

What are my rights under the Fourth Amendment?

A previous post on this space talked about the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution as it relates to evidence obtained when someone is stopped and frisked during a traffic violation. Many Illinois residents may not know that the Fourth Amendment to the constitution also protects their right to privacy within their homes. This means that if a search is to be conducted, there must be probable cause to conduct it.

DUI and CDL: Not a good combination

When you were growing up, did your parents or grandparents ever tell you that the more privilege you received, the more responsibility you would have? It's sort of like that when you carry a commercial driver's license in Illinois. In fact, the bigger the vehicle, the more stringent the standards so that penalties you face for traffic violations may be quite severe. If you operate a hazmat vehicle, you're basically under intense scrutiny each time you hit the road.

What is the status of evidence obtained through stop and frisks?

Illinois residents may know they have certain fundamental rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution of the United States of America, but what exactly those rights encompass may be a little hazy. Among the various guarantees is the protection against unreasonable search and seizure by police officers, as provided for in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. This means that there must be some reason that a person is detained and searched by law enforcement officials.

What happens if I fail a field sobriety test?

Getting stopped by a police officer while driving one's car can be a scary experience, especially if the officer made the stop based on suspicion of drunk driving. As previously discussed on this Illinois criminal defense legal blog, Belleville residents can pay dearly if they are convicted of DUI crimes. Before a person heads to court to be tried for driving under the influence, however, the police officer that makes the initial stop may subject the driver to a variety of coordination tests to assess their sobriety.

What are ignition interlock laws in Illinois?

Many Illinois residents may not think much before getting behind the wheel after having a couple of alcoholic drinks. Though they may know that a blood alcohol content level more than .08 means that the driver can result in a DUI conviction and a six-month driver's license suspension, they may think that they have not had enough alcohol to reach that limit. However, they may find themselves in hot water, especially in Illinois which has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country.

Suspected in a meth case? We can help

Any drug charge in Illinois is a serious matter and should be met with a prompt and effective response. State attorneys do not hesitate to prosecute drug cases when they can, and, upon conviction, a defendant can be looking at steep fines, a lengthy prison sentence and strict terms of parole or probation.

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