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April 2017 Archives

Defenses exist for possession-based drug crimes

An arrest and conviction for a possession-based drug crime can change the course of an Illinois resident's life. They may see their educational or career aspirations disappear before their eyes or they may be forced to endure stresses and strain on their family and personal relationships as they suffer the weight of their criminal legal dilemmas. However, in some cases, a criminal defendant facing possession-based drug crimes may be able to present certain defenses at trial that can force prosecutors to reduce or drop the charges.

Defense strategies may mitigate or overcome DUI charges

Criminal charges based upon alleged instance of drunk driving can have serious repercussions on the lives of Illinois residents. Aside from the stigma that may attach when a person is convicted of drinking and driving, they may also lose their driver's license as a consequence of their alleged actions, be forced to pay fines as part of their sentences, and may even be jailed for a duration of time.

Your Fourth Amendment rights protect you

Illinois residents may not be aware that the state police has set up 24-hour semi-truck inspections. One of the aims is to ensure that truck drivers are not spending too much time on the road. Federal and state regulations regulate the hours truck drivers can spend on the road continuously and how long they need to rest before going out again. One of their recent inspections resulted in the discover of an allegedly drunk driver.

Fine or fight: Choose your route for handling a traffic ticket

At some point in their lives, most drivers end up facing a traffic ticket. If you have recently gotten a ticket for a relatively minor traffic offense, you might think that you have no options for dealing with the issue other than to accept the ticket and pay the fine or deal with any other consequences. Though many people may follow this route for simplicity's sake, you do not have to feel like you have no other choices.

Ensuring your Fourth Amendment rights are not violated

When an Illinois resident is facing drug charges that carry long-term penalties, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget that they have constitutional guarantees that cannot be violated. As mentioned last week, the rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protect against unreasonable search and seizures. In addition to this, everyone has the right to defend themselves and have their day in court-after all, people are innocent until proven guilty.

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