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May 2017 Archives

Finding a criminal defense strategy to fight your DUI charges

Any action that the Illinois or federal laws deem criminal can result in a blemish on a person's record if they are convicted on the related charges. While crimes such as murder, rape and assault may carry with them more significant penalties, crimes related to driving while under the influence of alcohol may also be punished in serious ways.

Would a plea deal make sense in my criminal defense strategy?

In an ideal world, every Illinois resident who faces DUI or drug charges would be able to prove their innocence and avoid the harsh penalties that can accompany convictions on such charges. However, in some circumstances the facts and evidence that prosecutors are able to collect on a case may make defeating criminal charges next to impossible. For some criminal defendants, considering a plea deal can be a reasonable part of a criminal defense strategy.

Possession of prescription drugs can form basis of drug crimes

Illinois residents can suffer from illnesses and injuries that require them to see their doctors and get treatment that will alleviate their symptoms while they heal. Although in some cases a person's treatment plan may include physical therapy and rest, in others it may require the person to receive a prescription drug. Prescription medications and drugs are substances that are not generally permitted to be held by individuals without legitimate medical causes.

Want to keep your CDL? Watch your BAC

After taking time to attend classes and go through training to receive your CDL, you would more than likely do whatever necessary to keep it. After all, that license provides your livelihood whether you drive a truck, a bus or another commercial vehicle that requires this specialized license.

Driver refuses field sobriety tests prior to DUI arrest

Law enforcement officials in an Illinois town recently made a DUI arrest despite the driver's refusal to submit to field sobriety testing. According to the arresting officers, police responded to a report of a person sleeping in their vehicle. The vehicle was located near an embankment and allegedly was not placed in park. The driver allegedly attempted to move his vehicle when officers woke him and then allegedly crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser.

How might an affirmative defense help me face my DUI charge?

Belleville residents who have faced DUI charges and who have had to work to defend themselves against the very serious consequences that can attach to convictions understand the importance of crafting solid defense strategies before they appear in court. While innocence and mistake can seem like the most relevant explanations for why a person should not be charged with DUI crimes, there are several affirmative defenses that may actually give individuals a way to explain their actions without exposing them to undue liability.

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