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July 2017 Archives

Allegedly drunk river faces felony charges in fatal accident

Many people in Illinois regard a DUI charge as serious but not especially life-changing. Two things can convert a DUI stop into a serious criminal proceeding: one or more prior DUI charges or causing a serious injury or death while driving while drunk. A recent head-on collision on Illinois 15 in Belleville shows how both factors can compound the seriousness of drunk driving and create a need for a competent DUI defense attorney.

Former Busch CEO under investigation for drug violations

Helicopters ordinarily do not land in parking lots. When they do, local police and aviation authorities usually take notice. The unplanned landing of a helicopter in a parking lot in Swansea was only the beginning of a bizarre chain of events that ended with the investigation of the former CEO of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. for possible drug crimes.

Alleged repeat DUI offender kills two in head-on crash

People who have been convicted of a DUI violation often repeat their crime. In an accident near Belleville, a driver who reportedly had four previous arrests for DUI allegedly plowed head-on into another vehicle, killing the driver and the only passenger.

A summary of penalties for drunk driving in Illinois

Illinois law imposes strict penalties for drunk driving. Beginning with automatic license revocation for refusing a blood alcohol concentration test to significant periods of incarceration for repeated DUI offenses, theses penalties can have an extremely disruptive effect on a person's life. A person facing one or more of these charges will need an effective DUI defense to avoid a serious sentence.

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