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August 2017 Archives

Two arrested for DUI after accidents on Route 4

In most accidents alleged to be caused by drunk driving, only one driver is accused of being under the influence of alcohol. An unusual exception occurred on August 12 near Belleville when two alleged intoxicated drivers were involved in two related accidents. Because both accidents involved injuries, the penalties for conviction may be especially harsh, thereby putting a premium on the drivers being able to retain experienced DUI defense attorneys.

Helping accused individuals initiate a strong criminal defense

Being accused of a drug crime could mean that your freedom, personal and professional reputations, and financial future are at risk. Criminal allegations mean that the accused is facing serious penalties. A serious situation, such as criminal charges, should be treated as such. This means that defendants in Illinois should take an aggressive approach in order to protect their rights and future.

East St. Louis man suspected in string of vehicle burglaries

Residents of the Villa Hills neighborhood in unincorporated Belleville have experienced a number of automobile burglaries over the past several days. The combination of observant residents and quick police action led to the arrest of an East St. Louis man in connection with the thefts. He may need the services of a capable criminal defense attorney before this cases comes to an end if he hopes to avoid harsh penalties.

Belleville man charged with sexual assault of 18-year old woman

Too often, sexual encounters lead to allegations of sexual violence. A 37-year old Belleville man may be in this position now after he was arrested and charged with a number of serious felonies in connection with the alleged assault of an 18-year old woman. The seriousness of the charges will most likely require the suspect to consult a criminal defense attorney.

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