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September 2017 Archives

Meth-related drug charges increasing in southern Illinois

Southern Illinois is becoming a destination market for what most people consider a very dangerous and unpopular product. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, southern Illinois has become a popular destination for shipments of methamphetamine manufactured in Mexico. The DEA says that it has detected an increase in the sale and use of the illicit drug over the past 10 years. Local police officials note that drug crimes related to methamphetamine have likewise increased over the same period.

Police use blood trail to find alleged would-be robber

Belleville police have released a report describing how the resistance of a potential robbery victim and her son generated a blood trail that allowed police to identify and then arrest the alleged robber. The case began with a home burglary attempt in June 2017 and an arrest of the suspect in August 2017. At the present time, the evidence appears to heavily favor the prosecution and suggests that the suspect may need a competent criminal defense attorney.

Stun gun used to subdue DUI suspect

Drivers who are stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving often make their situation worse by engaging in conduct that constitutes a more serious offense. A prime example of such conduct occurred near Belleville when Illinois state police arrived at the scene of a single-vehicle accident and the two suspects attempted to eliminate the need for a DUI defense attorney by running away.

Man charged with reckless homicide after fatal car accident

Prosecutors in Will County recently announced their decision to charge a man who allegedly killed a mother and her three children in a traffic accident with felony reckless homicide. The accident occurred in Beecher, Illinois, in July 2017. With a lot at stake in this case, the accused individual may require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

When does a DUI offense become a felony in Illinois?

Violation of Illinois' drunk driving laws can bring down a host of different penalties for persons who are convicted of a violation. The seriousness of the penalties depends upon the driver's prior violations, if any, and the nature of the incident. This post will summarized the kinds of violations that convert a misdemeanor into a felony. Any penalty for violation of the state's drunk driving laws can have a serious and disruptive impact on a person's live, and anyone facing charges for a DUI violation may want to consult an experienced DUI defense attorney.

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