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October 2017 Archives

Belleville residents arrested on weapons charges

Recent episodes of gun violence involving automatic weapons have once again drawn the nation's attention to the fact that such weapons are available from a number of dealers, some lawful and some not. The recent arrest in Belleville of two men allegedly engaged in the sale of automatic weapons shows that local police are intent on enforcing the state's gun laws, and that persons who are charged with these violations may require a capable criminal defense attorney.

Traffic stop results in allegations of meth trafficking

This blog has noted on several occasions how a seemingly routine traffic stop can quickly become a cascade of more serious criminal charges. A woman stopped by police in nearby Marine, Illinois is now facing such allegations of various drug crimes relating to the transportation and sale of methamphetamine because of evidence discovered during that routine traffic stop.

Conviction overturned after defendant serves entire sentence

Criminal defendants are usually happy when an appellate court reverses their convictions, but a Collinsville man may have had mixed feelings after his criminal conviction was reversed by an Illinois appellate court. His reception of the decision may have been lukewarm due to the fact that he had already served his entire sentence before the ruling was announced. The facts of the case and the grounds for reversal demonstrate again the wisdom of hiring a competent criminal defense counsel.

Prosecutors drop illicit video charges against spa owners

This blog makes frequent reference to the presumption that all criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless and until they have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This presumption was undoubtedly a factor in the recent decision of Madison County prosecutors to drop illicit video recording charges against the owners of a medical spa in Godfrey, IL. The aggressive representation of the defendants' criminal defense team also played an important role.

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