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May 2018 Archives

What is "implied consent" in Illinois?

Every driver should understand how the state's implied consent law works. In other words, who is giving consent and what is the consent about? The law is an important tool for enforcing the state's DUI laws, and violating the law can lead to the loss of driving privileges for at least a year.

Did hurrying lead to a reckless driving charge?

Everyone gets in too much of a hurry from time to time. Whether you consume your lunch in minutes in hopes of saving time or cut corners during a project just to reach the end, you typically end up with some sort of negative result. While hiccups from eating too quickly may seem like an insignificant payoff for saving some time, you could face more serious consequences if you get in too much of a hurry while driving.

Man allegedly beat estranged wife with bat

Divorces can stir very intense emotions in one or both spouses. In some cases, one spouse will let intense anger spill over into one or more acts of violence. A funeral home director from Belleville was recently charged with using a baseball bat to assault and threaten his estranged wife in her home.

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