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June 2018 Archives

Man accused of defacing graves is found unfit to stand trial

The mental state of a defendant in any criminal trial in Madison County is an important issue. All defendants are initially presumed to be fit to stand trial, but if the court finds that the defendant is unable to understand the proceedings and assist in his defense, the defendant may be declared mentally unfit to stand trial.

We help people recover after a one-time mistake

Even what some would consider a minor criminal offense can wind up haunting a Belleville, Illinois, resident for the rest of his or her life. Even charges that wind up getting dismissed can still affect a person's ability to get a job, decent housing, a college education or a professional license.

Two men charged with residential burglary

Most Belleville residents assume that crimes such as assault and burglary take place at night. However, not all criminal conduct is limited to the evening. Two men were recently arrested in St. Clair County on suspicion of committing a residential burglary at about 11:00 a.m.

Caseyville, Illinois, man arrested for home repair fraud

As people age, their willingness to undertake laborious home repair tasks diminishes. A man from Caseyville has recently been charged with twice trying to take advantage of elderly people by collecting money for home maintenance jobs and then never performing the work.

Are you at risk of ignition interlock installation?

Anxiety often accompanies getting stopped by a police officer. You may have thought that you had not violated any traffic laws, when suddenly you notice the blue lights in your rearview mirror and hear that tell-tale whoop of the siren. As you pull over, you may begin to worry about what the issue could be.

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