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August 2018 Archives

Defendant in fatal wrong-way crash wants evidence suppressed

A man from New Athens, Illinois, who is awaiting trial on charges of aggravated DUI resulting in death and reckless homicide is attempting to persuade the court to suppress important evidence in the case. Police obtained a warrant to search the defendant's truck for evidence of alcohol consumption, and the defendant wants the results of the search excluded from evidence at trial because police failed to follow proper procedures.

Two women face methamphetamine-related charges

Use and sale of methamphetamine in Belleville and the surrounding areas in Illinois has become increasingly problematic. Law enforcement is taking major steps to find and arrest those who are involved in its manufacture and sale. With that will come charges and the possibility of fines and jail time, if there is a conviction. The charges can vary based on how much the person has in his or her possession, if it was meant for sale, and if there are other crimes alleged along with it. Having legal assistance in all circumstances is critical to lodging a strong defense.

Man arrested for DUI after truckers stop his vehicle

Not all arrests for driving under the influence in Illinois happen after a law enforcement traffic stop or after an accident and an investigation. In some instances, civilians will believe a driver is under the influence and take steps to stop the driver from continuing in what is believed to be a DUI. When this happens, the driver will likely be arrested when law enforcement arrives. In cases like this, it is imperative that drivers remember their rights to a DUI defense.

Suspected drug dealer released from custody without posting bond

When a drug suspect is arrested, the duration of immediate incarceration often depends upon the person's ability to post whatever bond is ordered by the court. Occasionally, the requirement of posting a bond will be waived by the court, and the suspect may leave police custody immediately, with the only condition being that the person return for the preliminary hearing. In a recent case involving a suspected drug dealer, a federal magistrate overruled a state court order for a bond and allowed the suspect to be set free.

Can I share my prescription meds?

It is no secret that the medical community and law enforcement are concerned about the growing opioid crisis. The overprescribing of painkillers has resulted in addiction for many patients, and substance abuse can cause people to take risks they would not normally take. If those with addictions to painkillers are unable to obtain the drugs through a legal prescription, they may seek to purchase pills through other means.

Pharmacy bag used in bank robbery may be key evidence

Police use a variety of methods to identify suspected criminals. One of the most common is closed-circuit TV cameras. Sometimes, the cameras provide a high-resolution facial photo and sometimes the cameras reveal more mundane items that can lead to an arrest. In a recent bank robbery in Benton, a pharmacy bag led police to a man who allegedly used a toy pistol to steal $12,500.

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