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August 2019 Archives

What is an aggravated DUI in Illinois?

Drinking alcohol can be a fun way to unwind after a long day, socialize with friends, or watch sports. However, if people consume too much alcohol it can lead to problems and consequences that they don't want. That could be that they say something they regret, embarrass themselves, hurt themselves, or wind up in legal hot water. In some instances these individuals are arrested for DUI.

Types of criminal records that can be sealed

No one in Illinois is perfect and from time to time people make mistakes. There are many different types of mistakes and many different consequences people face because of those mistakes. Some mistakes are more serious than others. For example, some mistakes can lead to people being fired from their jobs, losing friends and in some situations can lead to criminal charges. If people end up being convicted of those criminal charges, the consequences can affect them for a long time.

Simple versus aggravated assault and battery in Illinois

People in Illinois get into disagreements with others from time to time. It is a common part of life to not get along with everyone all the time. What is different, though, is how people resolve their disagreements. Some may just keep silent and keep everything inside. Others may want to talk about it or end up yelling at the other person. Some people resort to violence though and either threaten violence or in fact hit and harm the other people. If people choose to resolve their disagreement in that way, they could face assault and battery charges.

Police arrest multiple people over two days on drug charges

There are many ways people in Illinois try to unwind and have a good time. Some find various clubs or organizations to participate in. Others go to sporting events, concerts and other forms of entertainment. Some may drink alcohol or use drugs to try and help them alter their reality. Taking many types of drugs is illegal, though. If people are caught possessing illicit drugs, they could be charged with a crime. This can lead to serious consequences. However, the consequences are even more serious for people who sell the drugs.

Law changes can lead to expungements

Deep down inside, most Americans believe they are good people. Despite previous tickets, allegations or offenses, you probably think you shouldn't have to receive continual punishment for something in your past that is no longer illegal. You may be of the mindset that bearing the burden of a criminal record once laws have been reversed isn't fair. And some lawmakers agree - it isn't.

Driver's license suspensions for DUIs in Illinois

Being able to drive in Illinois is a privilege. When driving, people must obey the many traffic laws in the state. These laws include laws regarding speed limits, signaling turns, yielding to other cars, not texting or using the Internet while driving, obeying traffic lights, stop signs and other traffic control signs and many other laws. One of these other laws is that people cannot drive their vehicles while they are intoxicated. If people are caught driving under the influence, they could be charged with a DUI.

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