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How should you navigate your job search with a DUI?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Blog, Dui Defense |

A few days ago, a run-in with Illinois law enforcement ended with you receiving a DUI. You want to continue your job search, but you now have a hurdle to overcome.

SFGate provides tips for navigating a job search with a DUI. While building your legal case, build your chances of securing employment despite your drunk driving charge.

Explain what you learned

Perhaps your DUI taught you how to be more responsible or take ownership of your actions. Maybe you learned a few things about yourself during court-ordered substance abuse classes. Think about how your drunk driving charge made you a better person. Companies want to hire candidates who learn from their mistakes rather than let adversity define them.

Let recruiters take the lead

Prepare to let the hiring manager know about your DUI, but do not mention your charge before introducing yourself. Instead, let the recruiter guide the conversation. You may not need to touch on your drunk driving charge until later interviews, so focus on sharing what makes you a great candidate. Once the company understands what you bring to the table, your charge may not affect your chances of getting a job offer.

Do not lie

Employers can run quick background checks on job candidates, so they may uncover your DUI before your initial interview. Even without a background check, criminal records appear on credit reports, public record databases and court records. Practice transparency and honesty about your past. Entities willing to hire candidates with a criminal record may dismiss dishonest candidates immediately.

Having a DUI does not disqualify you from every employment possibility. When you understand how to work with your criminal charge, you protect your career.

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