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What were you doing before that breath test said you were drunk?

Did you know that not everyone who fails a breath test does so because of drinking alcohol? Your activities prior to an officer pulling you over could have a profound effect on the outcome of a breath test. That's because of a distinct flaw in the machines designed to measure the amount of alcohol in your system.

2018 sees changes to criminal laws in Illinois

The criminal justice system often sees changes that impact laws, regulations, procedures and other areas that may affect people and policies. It can be difficult to keep up with the changes, and if you are facing criminal charges, you may wonder if any recent modifications could impact your particular case. Because having the right information could allow you to determine your best courses of legal action, you may wish to work toward ensuring that you have applicable knowledge.

Do I really need to fight a first-time drunk driving charge?

When an Illinois driver faces drunk driving charges, he or she is facing consequences that can have a serious impact on his or her life. The severity of potential penalties depends on the driver's criminal history and certain aggravating factors that may be present in the individual case.

Want to keep your CDL? Watch your BAC

After taking time to attend classes and go through training to receive your CDL, you would more than likely do whatever necessary to keep it. After all, that license provides your livelihood whether you drive a truck, a bus or another commercial vehicle that requires this specialized license.

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