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Do I really need to fight a first-time drunk driving offense?

When an Illinois driver faces drunk driving charges, he or she is facing consequences that can have a serious impact on his or her life. The severity of potential penalties depends on the driver's criminal history and certain aggravating factors that may be present in the individual case.

Want to keep your CDL? Watch your BAC

After taking time to attend classes and go through training to receive your CDL, you would more than likely do whatever necessary to keep it. After all, that license provides your livelihood whether you drive a truck, a bus or another commercial vehicle that requires this specialized license.

Fine or fight: Choose your route for handling a traffic ticket

At some point in their lives, most drivers end up facing a traffic ticket. If you have recently gotten a ticket for a relatively minor traffic offense, you might think that you have no options for dealing with the issue other than to accept the ticket and pay the fine or deal with any other consequences. Though many people may follow this route for simplicity's sake, you do not have to feel like you have no other choices.

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