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Martial arts teacher facing child pornography charges

Social media appears to be a fertile field for people who want to engage in sex crimes involving minors. Recently, a suspicious post on craigslist led police to a youth martial arts instructor who lives in Belleville. The man was arrested on suspicion of having committed a number of child pornography crimes.

Two suspects arrested after shooting at drive-thru

Shoot-outs are a common trope in crime and western novels and less commonly in real life. Nevertheless, suspects who are attempting to evade capture occasionally get caught in gun fights with police. A recent incident in East St. Louis may force the suspects to retain a competent criminal defense attorney to keep them from returning to prison.

New law modifies bail bond procedures in Illinois

One of the oldest procedures in criminal law is the cash bail bond, the procedure in which a judge orders a suspect held in custody unless they can post a bond in an amount specified by the court. The bond is posted as a condition of the suspect being released from custody. If the suspect leaves the jurisdiction or fails to appear in court when required, the cash posted to obtain release is forfeited to the state. While all cash bonds must be reasonable in their amount and terms, the procedure has a great deal of inherent unfairness, especially for those of little economic means. In its last session, the Illinois legislature passed a law that significantly changes the procedures for imposing cash bonds on non-violent offenders.

Defendant in potential capital case asks judge to recuse himself

Defense lawyers in a high-profile murder case recently filed a motion asking the judge to recuse himself and asking for a trial date in June 2019. The motions demonstrate the seriousness of the allegations against the defendant and also the complex issues faced by criminal defense attorneys in preparing such a case for trial.

Belleville Diocese priest charged with child porn crimes

The announcement of criminal charges against members of the Roman Catholic clergy are no longer surprising, but such charges still stimulate feelings of shock and disappointment. The recent lodging of criminal charges against an associate priest in the Belleville Diocese will undoubtedly cause much consternation among his parishioners.

Belleville McDonald's robbed by 2 armed men

McDonald's drive-ins are popular places for parents and their children. On December 28, the McDonald's on Carlyle Avenue in Belleville also proved to be a popular place for two burglars who allegedly ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the restaurant. No suspects have been identified or arrested, but facts of the case could provide a fertile field for a criminal defense attorney.

Four wrongfully convicted men paid $31 million by Chicago

Wrongful convictions and the imprisonment that follows can be the bane of any criminal justice system. In an effort to ameliorate the effects of the wrongful convictions of four men, The Chicago City Council recently approved a settlement with four men who were wrongfully convicted of rape and murder in 1994. The case represents a significant triumph for the criminal defense lawyers who represented the four men.

Illinois traffic stop leads to felony charges

Traffic stops often lead to arrests and charges for more serious crimes. A prime example of this phenomenon occurred on November 19 when a Swansea police officer stopped a speeding car and allegedly smelled marijuana. The ensuing events might seem like a bonanza to a criminal defense attorney.

Police searching for shooter and motive in alleged murder case

A recent shooting death in East St. Louis is being investigated by both the East St. Louis Police Department and the Illinois State Police. The ISP was called in to assist the East St. Louis Police in investigating the crime. At the moment, the crime appears to present an opaque window to investigators, who have no suspect and no motive. If a suspect is identified and arrested, he or she may need the services of a capable criminal defense attorney.

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