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Interstate drug bust nets 8 suspects, $700K worth of meth

Many transactions involving illegal drugs cross state lines, with the seller of the drugs travelling to the place where the transaction is intended to occur. For this reason, law enforcement agencies from various states and the federal government often cooperate in the investigation of these operations. A joint operation involving agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the states of Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri recently announced that it had arrested 8 suspects and recovered $700,000 worth of methamphetamine.

Two women face methamphetamine-related charges

Use and sale of methamphetamine in Belleville and the surrounding areas in Illinois has become increasingly problematic. Law enforcement is taking major steps to find and arrest those who are involved in its manufacture and sale. With that will come charges and the possibility of fines and jail time, if there is a conviction. The charges can vary based on how much the person has in his or her possession, if it was meant for sale, and if there are other crimes alleged along with it. Having legal assistance in all circumstances is critical to lodging a strong defense.

Suspected drug dealer released from custody without posting bond

When a drug suspect is arrested, the duration of immediate incarceration often depends upon the person's ability to post whatever bond is ordered by the court. Occasionally, the requirement of posting a bond will be waived by the court, and the suspect may leave police custody immediately, with the only condition being that the person return for the preliminary hearing. In a recent case involving a suspected drug dealer, a federal magistrate overruled a state court order for a bond and allowed the suspect to be set free.

Local man charged with selling cocaine near high school, church

All fifty states have passed laws increasing penalties for drug-related crimes committed with so-called "drug free zones" around schools and other institutions. In Illinois, the drug free zone for schools and churches is 1,000 feet. Drug-related crimes committed within these zones usually entail additional penalties upon conviction.

Traffic stop results in allegations of meth trafficking

This blog has noted on several occasions how a seemingly routine traffic stop can quickly become a cascade of more serious criminal charges. A woman stopped by police in nearby Marine, Illinois is now facing such allegations of various drug crimes relating to the transportation and sale of methamphetamine because of evidence discovered during that routine traffic stop.

Meth-related drug charges increasing in southern Illinois

Southern Illinois is becoming a destination market for what most people consider a very dangerous and unpopular product. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, southern Illinois has become a popular destination for shipments of methamphetamine manufactured in Mexico. The DEA says that it has detected an increase in the sale and use of the illicit drug over the past 10 years. Local police officials note that drug crimes related to methamphetamine have likewise increased over the same period.

Helping accused individuals initiate a strong criminal defense

Being accused of a drug crime could mean that your freedom, personal and professional reputations, and financial future are at risk. Criminal allegations mean that the accused is facing serious penalties. A serious situation, such as criminal charges, should be treated as such. This means that defendants in Illinois should take an aggressive approach in order to protect their rights and future.

Former Busch CEO under investigation for drug violations

Helicopters ordinarily do not land in parking lots. When they do, local police and aviation authorities usually take notice. The unplanned landing of a helicopter in a parking lot in Swansea was only the beginning of a bizarre chain of events that ended with the investigation of the former CEO of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. for possible drug crimes.

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