Defending You Against Assault and Battery Charges in Illinois

Being charged with assault and battery in Illinois can be an intimidating experience, but it does not have to end in jail time and a lifetime record as a convicted criminal.

Whether charges were the product of a misunderstanding or an argument that turned physical, you can turn to Madelyn Daley & Associates for the strong defense you need. At our firm in Belleville, our lawyers are passionate about standing up for people when the government accuses them of criminal activity.

You Need an Aggressive Defense Against Battery Charges

A conviction of assault, battery or domestic violence can impact your life in more ways than you might think.

Most people only think about the fines and jail time that are associated with a criminal conviction, but consequences can reach much further than that. A conviction could impact your rights as a parent, as well as your ability to own a gun or even get a job.

Our experience gives us the ability to quickly see holes in the government’s case. We carefully analyze the testimony of eyewitnesses and the statements of the accuser. If the government has made any mistakes in its work, we will immediately find a way to use these to benefit clients.

An Arrest Does Not Equal a Conviction. Contact a Proven Defense Lawyer Now.

We will assess your case in a free phone consultation. To speak with one of our skilled attorneys, call our Belleville office at 618-297-8365 or send an email. We practice throughout the region, including Madison County, St. Claire County, Monroe County, Randolph County, Clinton County, Dab County, and Montgomery County.

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