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You cannot afford to take the drug charges that you or a loved one faces lightly.

The government prosecutes cases related to the possession and manufacture of methamphetamines and other narcotics aggressively, and the potential consequences include devastatingly long prison sentences and fines. Just as importantly, many people with criminal records find they cannot land jobs, find housing and do other things to make their lives better.

An arrest and charge don’t automatically mean a conviction and sentence, however. An aggressive lawyer like those at Madelyn Daley & Associates, can help prevent the government’s allegations from ending in a worst-case scenario. For the past 20 years, our firm’s founding attorney has focused only on criminal defense in Illinois, not only getting results for clients in the state but also staying informed about changes in the law and developing the most effective defense arguments for her clients.

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Know The Stakes. Know Your Rights.

If you know anything about the potential penalties for a drug crime conviction, you know that they can be truly devastating.

A conviction for possession of just 100 grams of meth can lead to a $200,000 fine and a maximum 15-year prison sentence. The penalties for more serious offenses are even more substantial: Conviction of manufacture or possession with intent to traffic can lead to a $500,000 fine and literally decades in state prison.

We will do everything possible to help you avoid these penalties. We have significant experience challenging the constitutionality of home and vehicle searches; when the police violate the law when dealing with potential suspects, this can be a significant benefit for the defense. Our attorneys look for every opportunity to get charges either reduced or dropped altogether, but clients know that if and when a case must go to trial, they have an experienced trial attorney in their corner.

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