Clearing Criminal Records with Expungements And Seals

Good people can make mistakes during their lives that may lead to criminal charges and possibly convictions. In today’s economy employers are looking for any reason to eliminate potential employees from the large pool of applicants. Seemingly minor offenses, even those that were dismissed or for which you received court supervision, can affect:

  • Your ability to gain employment
  • Your ability to gain housing
  • Your ability to qualify for student loans
  • Your ability to obtain State Certification, such as teaching or nursing
  • Your ability to gain custody of your children

At Madelyn Daley & Associates, we help clients whose criminal records are causing significant problems in their lives or who just want a better job. Through meticulous preparation and ethical legal strategies, we have been able to give many clients a clean slate. When your criminal charge is expunged or sealed, in the eyes of the law, it’s like the offense never happened, and you will no longer have to disclose your charge or conviction.

Changes in the law enacted in 2014 resulted in our ability to seal many felonies that before could not be sealed or expunged. We can determine if you are eligible to get a conviction sealed or expunged.

Misdemeanor charges and convictions may qualify for either sealing or expungement, or both. In addition, a felony charge that was dismissed or that did not otherwise lead to conviction may also qualify for expungement. While many felony convictions cannot be expunged or sealed, there are some exceptions, such as Class 4 Felony drug convictions. Contact us to discuss your specific legal situation.

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