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Portion of Illinois' implied consent law ruled unconstitutional

Illinois, like most other states, has a statute which requires drivers accused of drunk driving to consent to one of several blood alcohol content tests or face the loss of their drivers' license. The law is known as the implied consent law because all licensed drivers in the state are deemed to have impliedly given their consent to such tests by virtue of driving on state highways. If a driver refuses to give consent to either a breathalyzer, blood or urine test, they face an automatic suspension of their driver's license, but the DUI case goes forward without the results of blood, breath or urine tests.

Illinois man charged with aggravated DUI after fatal accident

Most people in Southeastern Illinois understand the risks of driving while being intoxicated by alcohol. The risks from intoxication caused by drugs is not as well understood. A recent traffic fatality in Madison County demonstrates the potential lethal connection between driving and using drugs, as well as the resulting need for a capable criminal defense attorney.

Stun gun used to subdue DUI suspect

Drivers who are stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving often make their situation worse by engaging in conduct that constitutes a more serious offense. A prime example of such conduct occurred near Belleville when Illinois state police arrived at the scene of a single-vehicle accident and the two suspects attempted to eliminate the need for a DUI defense attorney by running away.

When does a DUI offense become a felony in Illinois?

Violation of Illinois' drunk driving laws can bring down a host of different penalties for persons who are convicted of a violation. The seriousness of the penalties depends upon the driver's prior violations, if any, and the nature of the incident. This post will summarized the kinds of violations that convert a misdemeanor into a felony. Any penalty for violation of the state's drunk driving laws can have a serious and disruptive impact on a person's live, and anyone facing charges for a DUI violation may want to consult an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Two arrested for DUI after accidents on Route 4

In most accidents alleged to be caused by drunk driving, only one driver is accused of being under the influence of alcohol. An unusual exception occurred on August 12 near Belleville when two alleged intoxicated drivers were involved in two related accidents. Because both accidents involved injuries, the penalties for conviction may be especially harsh, thereby putting a premium on the drivers being able to retain experienced DUI defense attorneys.

Allegedly drunk river faces felony charges in fatal accident

Many people in Illinois regard a DUI charge as serious but not especially life-changing. Two things can convert a DUI stop into a serious criminal proceeding: one or more prior DUI charges or causing a serious injury or death while driving while drunk. A recent head-on collision on Illinois 15 in Belleville shows how both factors can compound the seriousness of drunk driving and create a need for a competent DUI defense attorney.

A summary of penalties for drunk driving in Illinois

Illinois law imposes strict penalties for drunk driving. Beginning with automatic license revocation for refusing a blood alcohol concentration test to significant periods of incarceration for repeated DUI offenses, theses penalties can have an extremely disruptive effect on a person's life. A person facing one or more of these charges will need an effective DUI defense to avoid a serious sentence.

Are DUI checkpoints legal?

Sobriety checkpoints, also called DUI checkpoints, are conducted by law enforcement officials to ensure that drivers are not operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. During a DUI checkpoint operation police officers may set up a station on a particular road and stop drivers based on a periodic count. For example, the officers may stop every fifth car that passes through the checkpoint to assess if the drivers are conducting themselves safely.

Finding a criminal defense strategy to fight your DUI charges

Any action that the Illinois or federal laws deem criminal can result in a blemish on a person's record if they are convicted on the related charges. While crimes such as murder, rape and assault may carry with them more significant penalties, crimes related to driving while under the influence of alcohol may also be punished in serious ways.

Driver refuses field sobriety tests prior to DUI arrest

Law enforcement officials in an Illinois town recently made a DUI arrest despite the driver's refusal to submit to field sobriety testing. According to the arresting officers, police responded to a report of a person sleeping in their vehicle. The vehicle was located near an embankment and allegedly was not placed in park. The driver allegedly attempted to move his vehicle when officers woke him and then allegedly crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser.

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