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Former Assistant State's Attorney charged with DUI after accident

When people drink too much and drive in Illinois, they could be charged with a DUI. This is true for anyone. No one is above the law in that respect. This is evidenced by the fact that a former Assistant State's Attorney was recently charged with a DUI. She allegedly drove her vehicle through a stop sign, hit another car, drove over a curb, and eventually crashed through the wall of a business. She was trapped in the car when officers arrived due to a wall of the building landing on her vehicle. She allegedly had a BAC of .43 at the time.

What is an aggravated DUI in Illinois?

Drinking alcohol can be a fun way to unwind after a long day, socialize with friends, or watch sports. However, if people consume too much alcohol it can lead to problems and consequences that they don't want. That could be that they say something they regret, embarrass themselves, hurt themselves, or wind up in legal hot water. In some instances these individuals are arrested for DUI.

Driver's license suspensions for DUIs in Illinois

Being able to drive in Illinois is a privilege. When driving, people must obey the many traffic laws in the state. These laws include laws regarding speed limits, signaling turns, yielding to other cars, not texting or using the Internet while driving, obeying traffic lights, stop signs and other traffic control signs and many other laws. One of these other laws is that people cannot drive their vehicles while they are intoxicated. If people are caught driving under the influence, they could be charged with a DUI.

A DUI charge doesn't guarantee conviction

Many people who are arrested for driving under the influence are concerned about having a conviction on their criminal record. However, there are many ways to have the charges dismissed. A criminal defense attorney in your area can inform you on possible defense strategies you can use to potentially have your charges dismissed.

The benefits of a DUI plea bargain

If one has been charged with a DUI, an Illinois criminal defense attorney can evaluate the case and help determine what the next steps should be. Many DUI cases end before trial, when the defendant agrees to enter into a plea bargain. In some cases, the prosecuting attorney on the case may offer to reduce the severity of the charge or lighten the sentence one face, if one accepts a plea deal and agree to plead guilty. In other cases, one may agree to plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a lighter sentence, if the evidence is significant.

Field sobriety tests are not always accurate

We often hear about how the accuracy of Breathalyzer results depends on various factors such as whether the officer at the scene administered the test correctly and properly calibrated the Breathalyzer device. However, field sobriety test results can also be inaccurate for a number of reasons.

Man charged with drunk driving and reckless homicide

Drunk driving is always a serious offense, but it can become even more serious if it leads to a loss of life. If a drunk driver causes an accident that kills one or more people, the driver may face charges reckless homicide while driving under the influence. In Illinois, an aggravated DUI with multiple deaths is classified as a Class 2 felony and could result in 6-28 years in prison and up to $25,000. Drivers facing these serious charges often benefit from a solid DUI defense strategy.

Illinois driver charged with DUI; found sleeping in running car

An Illinois man was recently arrested and is facing DUI charges after he fell asleep in his running vehicle. Officers alleged that the man's running vehicle was in the thru lane of traffic in a parking lot on the south side of a parking garage.

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