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Posts tagged "Criminal Defense"

Conviction overturned after defendant serves entire sentence

Criminal defendants are usually happy when an appellate court reverses their convictions, but a Collinsville man may have had mixed feelings after his criminal conviction was reversed by an Illinois appellate court. His reception of the decision may have been lukewarm due to the fact that he had already served his entire sentence before the ruling was announced. The facts of the case and the grounds for reversal demonstrate again the wisdom of hiring a competent criminal defense counsel.

Prosecutors drop illicit video charges against spa owners

This blog makes frequent reference to the presumption that all criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless and until they have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This presumption was undoubtedly a factor in the recent decision of Madison County prosecutors to drop illicit video recording charges against the owners of a medical spa in Godfrey, IL. The aggressive representation of the defendants' criminal defense team also played an important role.

Police use blood trail to find alleged would-be robber

Belleville police have released a report describing how the resistance of a potential robbery victim and her son generated a blood trail that allowed police to identify and then arrest the alleged robber. The case began with a home burglary attempt in June 2017 and an arrest of the suspect in August 2017. At the present time, the evidence appears to heavily favor the prosecution and suggests that the suspect may need a competent criminal defense attorney.

Man charged with reckless homicide after fatal car accident

Prosecutors in Will County recently announced their decision to charge a man who allegedly killed a mother and her three children in a traffic accident with felony reckless homicide. The accident occurred in Beecher, Illinois, in July 2017. With a lot at stake in this case, the accused individual may require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

East St. Louis man suspected in string of vehicle burglaries

Residents of the Villa Hills neighborhood in unincorporated Belleville have experienced a number of automobile burglaries over the past several days. The combination of observant residents and quick police action led to the arrest of an East St. Louis man in connection with the thefts. He may need the services of a capable criminal defense attorney before this cases comes to an end if he hopes to avoid harsh penalties.

Belleville man charged with sexual assault of 18-year old woman

Too often, sexual encounters lead to allegations of sexual violence. A 37-year old Belleville man may be in this position now after he was arrested and charged with a number of serious felonies in connection with the alleged assault of an 18-year old woman. The seriousness of the charges will most likely require the suspect to consult a criminal defense attorney.

Alleged repeat DUI offender kills two in head-on crash

People who have been convicted of a DUI violation often repeat their crime. In an accident near Belleville, a driver who reportedly had four previous arrests for DUI allegedly plowed head-on into another vehicle, killing the driver and the only passenger.

Self-defense allows you to protect yourself

No one likes to be pushed around or subjected to violence at the hands of another person. In fact, individuals generally enjoy the freedom to be protected from the aggression of others. For this reason, Illinois and other jurisdictions throughout the United States recognize that individuals subjected to violence or assault may defend themselves when confronted with imminent threats to their person.

Stricter sentences can necessitate a strong criminal defense

After Illinois residents are charged with a crime they are given an opportunity to try their case in a criminal court. If they are successful in presenting their criminal defense strategy and persuading the court that they are not guilty of the crimes alleged against them, then they may be released from their charges. If, however, they are not able to provide a criminal defense or explanation for their charges, they may be found guilty of the allegations and sentenced to a punishment for their alleged criminal acts.

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