Loss of full driving privileges for Illinois DUI convictions

When a person is accused of a crime here in Illinois, one thing that can greatly affect their legal situation is what their prior criminal record is. For those accused of DUI, whether they have past DUI convictions on their record is quite impactful. This is because, under Illinois DUI law, repeat offenses subject a person to more severe penalties.

For one, the length of time they are without their full driving privileges can be a lot longer.

Under Illinois law, a conviction on a first offense of DUI triggers a loss of such privileges for a minimum of one year.

Now, if a person convicted of drunk driving in the state has one prior DUI conviction on their record, and that previous conviction occurred within the past 20 years, the minimum length of the loss of these privileges jumps up to five years.

The minimum length shoots up even higher when a person found guilty of DUI has two prior drunk driving convictions. Specifically, it rises to 10 years for this third conviction.

So, what potential transportation consequences a person could be facing in connection to drunk driving allegations heavily depends on their past record.

As this illustrates, what particular issues and concerns are present in a DUI case can be affected by many factors, including the particular circumstances of the accused. So, when a person is facing drunk driving allegations here in Illinois, having a defense strategy tailored to the unique details of their situation can be crucial.

Source: Illinois State Police, “Influenced Driving,” Accessed Feb. 14, 2017