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Many people who end up facing weapons charges in Illinois never see them coming.

Drivers can be pulled over for something as simple as speeding or running a red light. The police ask to do a search of the vehicle, turning up a gun that the driver might have forgotten was in the car to begin with. Soon, the driver is facing felony charges that could end in a criminal conviction, jail time and the lifetime consequences of having a criminal record.

At Madelyn Daley & Associates, we believe that no one should have to pay a lifetime price for one mistake. Even more, people shouldn’t have to live with a criminal record when police and/or prosecutors go outside the law to get the evidence they need for a conviction. For more than 20 years, our founding attorney has used her experience in criminal law and passion for representing hardworking people in southern Illinois to get results for our clients. If you or a loved one is facing gun charges we want to help you find a positive outcome for your case.

Madelyn Daley has written on Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues, which come into play in most arrests involving the illegal possession of weapons. Call our firm at 618-509-9724 to learn how we can help you.

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So many people get into trouble in Illinois because they fail to get a firearm owner’s identification card (FOID), which is required by the state for anyone who owns a gun. People who own weapons and transport them can end up charged with felonies that carry the threat of years in prison.

Our firm represents anyone who faces gun charges resulting from:

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